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Antique Copper Tapware

Antique Copper Tapware finishes have become very popular in recent times with the advent of rose gold and copper products becoming a popular choice with designers and kitchen and bathroom designers wishing to design in both industrial, classic and contemporary steam punk themes.

Many variations of Antique Copper occur and is sometimes referred to as an evolving finish as it will change colour over time when exposed to different heats. partners with Renaissance to deliver all tapware. Reassuringly, Renaissance is 100% in control of all Copper Plating & Ageing, and as such is able to offer a consistent high quality feel that represents the "Renaissance Antique Copper Look" that is synonymous with quality and aesthetic accuracy.

Ageing Process 

After the faucet is aged it will be completely black and oxidized. At this point the product will be hand finished to remove the right amount of oxidization and importantly in the right direction to create the signature Renaissance Antique Copper look.


One the right amount of oxidization has been removed to give the Renaissance Bronze look, it is sealed (Oiled) Using a wax. This is applied by hand and then allowed to stand for one hour before being hand polished by one of our trained faucet agers. The polishing process takes approximately ten minutes per faucet and when complete seals the aesthetic within a lustrous natural satin that feels silky smooth when touched. 


All Antique Copper tap ware is inspected prior to final packing to ensure it is within allowed aesthetic limits ensuring consistency s achieved throughout all Renaissance products.